Vorträge international

  • Boevers, J.; Zentgraf, A.; Hoon, C.; Piening E. P. (2022): Who am I as a Leader? The Identity Work of Non-Family Leaders after a SuccessionInternational Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA), Santander/ESP, June 21-24.

Vorträge national

  • Naß, S.; Zentgraf, A.; Piening E.P. (2022): The Times they are A-Changin’: Organizational Identity and Identification in the Age of New WorkVHB Herbstworkshop Kommission Personal, Berlin, 29.-30. September.
  • Zentgraf, A. (2022): Shape of u(s): The Identity-Transmitting Role of LeadershipVHB Jubiläumstagung, digital, 08.-11. März 2022.
  • Zentgraf, A.; Piening, E.P. (2021): Knowing Me, Knowing You: A Dyadic Perspective on Identity LeadershipVHB Herbstworkshop Kommission Personal, Düsseldorf, 16.-17. September.